July 2013 con’t

About 20 miles outside Alpine to our left brewed a monster thunderstorm.  It marched across the land at lightening speed, no pun intended.  The rain appeared to hit the dry ground so hard it created dust clouds that bounced up and collided with the rain clouds.  Frank later said it was merely dust funnels that formed in front of the […]

Report on Orlando Trip May 2013

The Orlando trip has come and gone.   Before we left, the Weather Channel reported there was a good chance for rain but we thought what’s a little rain and headed out anyway. First scheduled stop was Biloxi. Bad weather rolled into Baton Rouge about the same time we did and we experienced hurricane like blinding rain the rest […]


1990 – Now that my pup-tent was up it was time to furnish … I got our pool floats out and the little plastic pump I bought at Academy to blow them up.  The floats would be our mattresses – no hard ground for us.   The process wasn’t as easy as I expected.  In fact, it was […]