Day 4 – Texas Panhandle

Day 4  – approximately 300 miles Today we left out of Dallas on I-35 to 380 west to Denton TX.  We got on Hwy 287 and rode through Vernon, Texas.  The scenery is much different than what we saw in East Texas.  The dirt is a copper color like you’d see in Georgia.  The terrain went […]

Day 2 – Dallas

Day 2 – 300 miles Well, we didn’t break the bank at the casino but got a great nights sleep.  We pulled out of Shreveport about 9 a.m.  First stop –  Caddo Lake, the largest natural lake of fresh water in the south.  It covers 26,800 acres and is located on the border between Texas […]

Day 1 – The Big Thicket National Preserve

Day 1 – approximately 300 miles The Texas Perimeter Ride is finally underway.  By design we will only travel about 300 miles a day mostly off major highways.  We left out of Houston on I-10 East Hwy 90 East and meandered our way up to 770 to Kountze.  I must say I have lived in […]