Kerrville, Texas Warm-up Ride

It’s time to reveal the Motorcycle Momma Blog 2016 Annual Trip location.  This year we will be riding in August to San Diego, CA for the First Marine Division Association Reunion.  For those of you who don’t know, my husband Frank is a former Marine.  His Marine buddies actually gave me my road name, Wonder […]

Day 7 – Texas Perimeter Ride Conclusion

Final Day – 2000 Total Miles Well, the Texas Perimeter Ride is over and we are back home safe and sound. We stopped short of our mission by about 1000 miles, therefore, we are going to have to try again, only next time we’ll be better prepared. Let’s recap some interesting things we saw and learned […]

Day 5 – Amarillo

Day 5 – approximately 300 Before leaving Shamrock we felt compelled to kiss the Blarney Stone in order to give ourselves the gift of gab and good fortune. I must admit I kissed it too.  Then we scurried back to the U-Drop Inn and Tower Cafe which is now a museum with Route 66 memorabilia. […]

Day 4 – Texas Panhandle

Day 4  – approximately 300 miles Today we left out of Dallas on I-35 to 380 west to Denton TX.  We got on Hwy 287 and rode through Vernon, Texas.  The scenery is much different than what we saw in East Texas.  The dirt is a copper color like you’d see in Georgia.  The terrain went […]

Day 3 – Dallas

Day 3 – 0 miles Today it rained like crazy.  Not good weather for meandering around Texas so I’m glad we decided to hold up a day in Dallas.  The Intercontinental Hotel started filling up with wet bikers from all over the country around 10 a.m.  This weekend is 29th Annual National Coalition of Motorcyclists Convention where […]

July 2013 con’t

About 20 miles outside Alpine to our left brewed a monster thunderstorm.  It marched across the land at lightening speed, no pun intended.  The rain appeared to hit the dry ground so hard it created dust clouds that bounced up and collided with the rain clouds.  Frank later said it was merely dust funnels that formed in front of the […]

July 2013 – Bittersweet Ride

July 27 – Saturday morning Frank and I rode from Houston about 210 miles to Boerne, Texas to attend the Celebration of Life ceremony for our longtime friend and fellow motorcyclist, Phil, who lost his life to cancer last weekend,  Phil was the epitome of biker.  He loved riding more than anything, except for maybe his girlfriend, Jill.  We will miss […]

Conclusion – Trains, Planes & Motorcycles June 2013

Trains, Planes & Motorcycles June 2013 trip is officially over.  The motorcycles were delivered last week to The Woodlands Harley Davidson dealership intact.  I popped in to check on them and all looks good.   For the record the approximate mileage for this trip was 2600 miles, give or take a few hundred miles. (pretty weak, huh!) […]

Day 14 – June 17

Day 14 – 120 miles Yesterday didn’t quite turn out as planned … but today was a brand new day and outside, the weather was perfect so we decided to make a second attempt to see Niagara Falls.   How could we go so far and not see what we expected to be our Grand Finale? Since we weren’t looking for […]