Day 6 con’t – Two-thirds and Done

Day 6 con’t – Two-thirds and Done Oh well – before we left for the canyon we checked the Weather Channel.  The temperatures in the Guadalupe Mountains down to Alpine, Texas and Big Bend are going to be in the 30’s for the next 2-4 days.  Frank checked the 10-day weather forecast before we left Houston […]

July 2013 con’t

About 20 miles outside Alpine to our left brewed a monster thunderstorm.  It marched across the land at lightening speed, no pun intended.  The rain appeared to hit the dry ground so hard it created dust clouds that bounced up and collided with the rain clouds.  Frank later said it was merely dust funnels that formed in front of the […]

Day 14 – June 17

Day 14 – 120 miles Yesterday didn’t quite turn out as planned … but today was a brand new day and outside, the weather was perfect so we decided to make a second attempt to see Niagara Falls.   How could we go so far and not see what we expected to be our Grand Finale? Since we weren’t looking for […]

Day 10 – June 13

Day 10 – 120 miles Okay, not again – at breakfast at the Hampton Inn in White River Junction we met Evonne and Warren Waggoner who were from the Houston area, specifically, Kingwood. They traveled to Vermont to see their daughter graduate from Norwich University in Northfield, VT. Warren was also a Harley rider, however, this trip […]