Kerrville, Texas Warm-up Ride

It’s time to reveal the Motorcycle Momma Blog 2016 Annual Trip location.  This year we will be riding in August to San Diego, CA for the First Marine Division Association Reunion.  For those of you who don’t know, my husband Frank is a former Marine.  His Marine buddies actually gave me my road name, Wonder Woman, when I rode to Raleigh, NC for a reunion in 2002 on my Harley painted like the American Flag.    One of the Marines took this picture and entered it in a photo contest and won 2nd place.

photo (7)

Anyway, back to business.  The plan is to take the long way to California … probably riding a bit through Utah.  Our exact route is still in the making but I’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime, since the rain in South Texas finally stopped … at least I hope it has … we are making our warm-up ride to ride to the Texas Hill County with a group of friends this weekend  This is a familiar trip and should be a lot of fun!  I am looking forward to it.   Wheels up 7 am.  More to come …

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