Who are The Deacons of Deadwood MC?

Deacons of Deadwood present
The 13th Annual Charity Ball
Saturday, September 20th
Bayou City Event Center

Deacons of Deadwood – Who are these guys?

About a week or so ago Frank and I had dinner with a friend. She was telling us that she had a friend who was a member of the Deacons of Deadwood.  She said he was a real nice guy and was going to help her move.

Prior to that we were talking to a friend about our potential move to a community north of Houston and they said, ‘Oh so-n-so lives out there.  He’s a member of the  Deacons of Deadwood.  Hmmm.

Then there’s this man in our neighborhood that always drives by our house on Thursday nights on his motorcycle. My husband said, “I think he’s a member of the Deacons of Deadwood.”

So when our friend John called and invited us to the Deacons of Deadwood’s 13 Annual Charity Ball we said not yes, but Hell yes. I considered this a sign.  It was meant to be so after accepting the invitation I struck out to learn more about the club that keeps popping up in my world.  I went to their website and this is what I found out.

The Deacons of Deadwood MC is a motorcycle club.  It’s been established for about twelve years. I was surprised to see that David Cook was semi involved in its beginning. I remember David Cook from back in the day when we all rode Thursday night, Friday night and all weekend long hitting local bars like KC’s, Sam’s Boat, Sam’s Icehouse, Dick Heads, Sonora, etc.  Those were the days.  Anyway, I digress.  David died in 2001.  After his death David’s son Ricky and his friend, Sam Allen decided to start up a motorcycle club.  This is where David Cook comes in.  These guys remembered that David once said on a Sturgis trip “that there were so many of us in Sturgis we should call ourselves Deacons of Deadwood.”  Pretty catchy idea and the name stuck.

If you ride a lot you’ve probably seen some of the members out and about. Their colors are easily recognizable.  Their patch is a Dead Man’s Hand, black aces and eights and a nine of diamonds, the poker hand Wild Bill Hickok held when he was killed in Deadwood.  Quite appropriate if you ask me … and I’m sure David Cook would agree.

What stands out as remarkable to me about this club is that they are dedicated to motorcycling and fund raising. Yes, motorcycling AND fund raising.  Those two things didn’t seem to go together to me, at least not at the magnitude these guys perform. Their first charity ball was in 2002.  They raised $20,000 for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.  Since 2002 they have raised over $1,200,000 for many children’s charities.  Wow!  That’s nothing to sneeze at.

So I write about the Deacons of Deadwood today to share with you what I’ve learned and ask you to stay tuned. They’ll be a report on and pictures from the upcoming event …


3 thoughts on “Who are The Deacons of Deadwood MC?

  1. I can’t wait to meet some of your members. I actually got an email today from a guy I’ve known for years that’s a member. His name is Chris Love. We used to ride together years ago. Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you liked the DDMC story.

  2. Hey!
    I really like the blog. I am currently running a kickstarter that I think you and your readers are going to love. I am making Kevlar lined Motorcycle jeans especially for women. I need some help getting the word out to the right people. I’d love there to be some way we both benefit from working together. Email me and lets talk over some ideas


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