Day 7 – Texas Perimeter Ride Conclusion

Final Day – 2000 Total Miles

Well, the Texas Perimeter Ride is over and we are back home safe and sound. We stopped short of our mission by about 1000 miles, therefore, we are going to have to try again, only next time we’ll be better prepared.

Let’s recap some interesting things we saw and learned on this trip.  As you know, Texas is the largest state in the lower 48 covering an area of 268,820 square miles.  We only rode 2000 miles of the 3000 miles planned.  We departed from and returned to Houston, the largest city in Texas and home of the Houston Texan football team.  Go Texans!  Here’s a shout out to JJ Watt.  Hey JJ.  And welcome Jadeveon Clowney to the team!  We looked for the Lights of Saratoga in Kountze.  Okay, we only drove by where the lights are said to be seen but will have to go back for a better look.  We blew through Shelby County, my grandmother’s home county, and waved at the train in Teneha while I sang out, Teneha, Timpson, Bobo and Blair just as my sweet Grandma Ditto used to do.  We took a gander at Caddo Lake.  We broke bread with our biker friends in Dallas who were attending a motorcycle convention.  We saw a lot of the Panhandle which reminded us why we live in Houston.  We visited Shamrock and saw the highest water tower in Texas and the U-Drop Inn.  We drove down to the base of the Palo Duro Canyon, second largest canyon in the U.S. next to the Grand Canyon.  We saw tumbleweeds blowing across the road, a sight I haven’t seen in years.  We drove across the Texas Plains through two dust storms and ate dirt.  We met a lady driving a snow cone building across Texas from Amarillo to Abilene.  We rode our last day in a steady soaking kind of rain and then … we were home.  Not bad for seven days on the road.

My only questions now is, “What’s Next?  I’m ready.”

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