Day 3 – Dallas

Day 3 – 0 miles

Today it rained like crazy.  Not good weather for meandering around Texas so I’m glad we decided to hold up a day in Dallas.  The Intercontinental Hotel started filling up with wet bikers from all over the country around 10 a.m.  This weekend is 29th Annual National Coalition of Motorcyclists Convention where riders come together to share information.  NCOM is the voice of motorcycle groups that join together to protect the lifestyle and right to ride.  Their aim is to “work together in unity and cooperation in pursuit of shared interests for the betterment of biking.”


This is in the lobby of the hotel. Pretty Impressive!

Some of our Marine Motorcycle Club friends from Texas, California and Utah are  gathering here to represent their club. They began arriving around 5 o’clock in the pouring down rain soaked to the bone.   These guys are prime examples of decidation to riding.


We had a great evening catching up with them.  Here’s a shout out to our Utah boys. Hey Jonzy! Hey Jammer!  And a shout out to Texas. Hey Sach!  Hey Saddle Tramp!

Update on Go-Pro –  I was able to view the GoPro video from the desktop computer in the hotel business center and it is okay.  I hope to get more video and put together a little video post upon my return home.

Tip for the Day – Be sure to pack some laundry detergent if you plan to wash any clothes.  I am washing my shirt each night in the room and all I have to use is shampoo or bath soap, which works fine but I would prefer to have laundry detergent.

There’s not much more to report but we are ready to head out early in the morning get this party started.

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