Day 2 – Dallas

Day 2 – 300 miles

Well, we didn’t break the bank at the casino but got a great nights sleep.  We pulled out of Shreveport about 9 a.m.  First stop –  Caddo Lake, the largest natural lake of fresh water in the south.  It covers 26,800 acres and is located on the border between Texas and Louisiana.  To get there we took Texas Hwy 43.  Wow, what a beautiful ride.  Put it on your East Texas riding bucket list, it’s worth it.

I was looking at the map and I’m not quite certain but I believe Caddo Lake is located in Uncertain, TX population 94.  How can I be sure?


Uncertain, Texas – Population 94

I set the GoPro and took some film of the ride but in reviewing it, sad to say, it didn’t record correctly.  I’ve just about had it with this dang GoPro.  I’m going to work on it tonight and see if maybe there is a problem with the settings.  Thank goodness I’m taking still photos.


Day Two – Caddo Lake

Next stop … good Lord, not Dallas.  NCOM is in town so we couldn’t very well breeze past the much dreaded Dallas, Texas without stopping in on some of our biker buddies here for the conference.  Don’t get me wrong,  Dallas is a nice place but it doesn’t hold a candle to Houston.  Okay I said it.  Houston is better.  On a side note, Dallas is the home of the Cowboys football team and it is the third largest city in Texas behind number one Houston and number two San Antonio.

That’s it for now.



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