Texas Perimeter Ride Update

Departure day for the Texas Perimeter Ride has been pushed back to May 6.  Packing begins the end of the week.  The packing check list recently posted on my webpage is printed and will be put to the test.  If I’ve left anything off this will be the time to update.

I bought some fresh Starbuck’s instant coffee to pack.  I don’t need to tell you guys how I feel about a bad cup of coffee while on the road.

I’m taking my GoPro and hope to get some good riding video. I’ll have to take a refresher course to remember how to use it.  You know the old saying, use it or lose it.  Well, it’s lost but I’m planning to get it back … soon.

IPods are charging for my riding music pleasure and an extra pair of ear buds are already in the bag.

We’ll be heading east on Hwy 90, stopping first in Kountze, Texas to ride through the Big Thicket National Reserve.  Stay tuned for daily trip log photos and updates …



4 thoughts on “Texas Perimeter Ride Update

    • Texas Rambler, I have been wanting to make this trip for years. I’m glad the time to do it has finally arrived. We’re thinking 10 days plus or minus a day or two ought to be enough time. NCOM is having their meeting in Dallas May 8-11 so were pretty sure we’ll see some out of state motorcyclist on the road, for sure. Overall, it should be a fun time!

      • We have been wanting to do the perimeter for sometime but something (peoples schedules) keeps getting in the way… I’m looking forward to your post about the ride…

  1. I know the feeling. We were supposed to be on the road April 28 but had a conflict. I hated to post that we’re leaving next week fearful something else might pop up but … I’m leaving Tuesday “come hell or high water” as my grandmother would say.

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