What to Pack List

Yesterday I met someone who was planning a long motorcycle trip.  Here’s a Shout Out to ThatCarGirl!   Hey Lynn!  I steered her to my webpage but then realized I have plenty of videos offering tips on things to pack but I don’t have an easy to follow list as a guide.  It seems now is the perfect time to do that since I am gearing up for my Texas Perimeter Ride 2014 this Sping and need to get my own list together.  Later, be on the lookout for a video on how to pack your clothes efficiently in your bag and how to strap the bag on the bike but for now, here is the Packing for a Ten Day Trip list.  This list is made with the assumption you will be staying in a hotel, not camping.  FYI – I’ll be making additions to this list as I begin to pack for my trip.

Packing for a Ten Day Trip


  1. _____ 2 pair of jeans – you can take more but they take up a lot of room when packing.  If you wear your chaps they stay clean longer.  Plus you can wash along the way
  2. _____ Long Johns if you have them – panty hose work just fine and they pack easy.  This is incase you have cold weather
  3. _____ 3 pair of socks – I take Smart Wool socks and wear several days each
  4. _____ 2 long sleeved under shirts – Quick dry so I can wash each night – see Quick Dry video
  5. _____ 5-7 over shirts – I’m going to be wearing my vest so it really doesn’t matter as long as I have something clean.  If you’re not wearing a vest you may want a few more.
  6. _____ Under clothes – enough for each day or less if you wash each night
  7. _____ 1 pair sweat pants/top – or shorts –comfortable clothes to go to lobby or if I feel like walking/running or for after shower clothes
  8. _____ Walking shoes and/or flip flops – something comfortable other than boots
  9. _____ Bathing suit
  10. _____ Pajamas
  11. _____ 5-6 bandanas – buffs – see Buff video
  12. _____ 8-10 ponytail holders – see Pony Tail Holders video – I wear one or two and keep two or three around my wrists and the rest I keep on my keychain for emergencies.  See Pony Tail Holders video
  13. _____ Leather Jacket
  14. _____ Lightweight Jacket – cloth or jean
  15. _____ Vest – optional
  16. _____ 2 pair Gloves – in case I lose one
  17. _____ Chaps – see Wrapping the Chaps video on how to fold
  18. _____ Rain gear – I have a well fitted Marmot rain jacket that provides great coverage and also fits well under my coat and/or vest for extra warmth when needed.  I find that the Harley rain jacket is cumbersome and takes up too much space.  I pack the HD rain pants to wear with it.  I bought a pair of lightweight rain pants once and they melted on my pipes so if you want to get a rain pant other than HD, make sure they are heat proof.
  19. _____ After all this is packed I usually throw in something non-biker to wear if we decide to go somewhere nice for dinner or something, but that ‘s just me.
  20. _____ Hat

Other Misc Stuff- check out Dopp Kit video for additional specific toiletries you don’t want to forget!

  1. Ipod and earphones – I take two of each – see Listening to Music video
  2. cork screw – I take a plastic flask too in case I have leftover wine
  3. Snack foods – I take Zone Bars, protein bars, almonds – stuff like that.  I also keep hard candy in my pockets.
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Camelbak – see Camelbak video

2 thoughts on “What to Pack List

  1. Thanks for sharing packing checklist prior to leaving for long trips. I think you must add Motorcycle protective gears into the list. As important as gear is, riding skills and experience are what will ultimately keep you safer. What you think?

  2. Dan, thanks for checking out my blog and you are right, motorcycle protective gear is very important. For me, that would include helmet, glasses, gloves, leather jacket, boots and chaps. What would you consider must have protective gear and/or add to this list?

    I’m thinking about incorporating a full faced helmet but haven’t done that yet. Sometimes I think that the full faced helmet might be too cumbersome and could obstruct my peripheral vision. If I decided to get one it will be to wear in the rain.

    I also agree with you that riding skills and experience are ultimately what will keep you safe. I took the motorcycle safety course in 1989, before getting my MC license. I was in Raleigh N. Carolina this weekend for a presentation by Rene Cormier who wrote “The University of Gravel Roads” and while there I spoke with some women riders about riding safety. I actually committed to going back to Raleigh and retaking the safety course with one of them as a refresher. You can never take motorcycle safety lightly.

    Thanks so much for your comments!

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