7 thoughts on “Listening to Music on Motorcycle – Video reposted

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  2. I used to love hearing music when I ride my motorcycle and my job–at times–demands that I can be contacted whenever necessary. This video help me in sorting out my problem.

  3. Dan, glad the video helped you out. I learned this weekend about this product that might really work well. I’m going to get me a pair and check it out. I have a friend who rides a BMW that says they work great for him.

    LG – Tone+ Bluetooth Headset

    Model: HBS-730.ACUSBKK SKU: 8539099

    Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones with HS, HF, A2DP and AVRCP profiles; apt-X technology; around-the-neck design; vibration alerts; advanced multipoint capability; audible battery alerts

  4. I purchased these at Christmas time. I haven’t got to try them on the bike yet, but have used them at home. The sound quality is almost à good as the expensive pair of “Beats” that do not stay in my ears. These fit right down in your ear canal, so nothing sticks out. I wear a full face and putting my helmet on always knocked the beats out of my ears, These stay put. They also mold around your ears, and, they’re inexpensive. I think they’re going to work out very well.

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