The Texas Perimeter Ride – 2014


Happy New Year to all my MMB readers.  With the New Year here it is time to start planning for 2014 rides.  Yea!   For me, I’m still working on completing my goal to ride in all of the lower 48 states so that is definitely on the agenda.  I have five states left, Utah being one, which I can’t believe because I’ve ridden through that part of the country a million times!  But it is what it is.  I’m going there this year for sure and this time I’m going to take a picture!  But before we get to that ride, I have decided to have a fun warm up ride in May – Frank and I are going to ride the Texas perimeter.

3000 Miles Around Texas

3000 Miles Around Texas

I am a Texas girl and love the idea of meandering around the Lone Star State with a new purpose.   Looking at the map, it’s about a 2800 to 3000 mile ride so that’s the plan.  As of today, I think we’ll ride counterclockwise, stay as close to the borders as possible, and try to stay off major highways.  So it’s a date!  Stay tuned …

Texas Perimeter Ride 2014

Texas Perimeter Ride 2014

5 thoughts on “The Texas Perimeter Ride – 2014

    • Thanks Scarlett. It’s going to be a fun ride. We will probably make the trip to Utah in the summer. North Dakota is still on my list, too, so I’ve got to get that one taken care of as well. Maybe a trip to Sturgis is in the cards this year and I can pop up to ND for a photo opt. That will leave Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. But … Texas, my Texas is first!

  1. Have a safe ride. I recall driving across the state years ago enroute to a new duty station and that was long enough! We may be out west in May. Still planning our last trip west of the MS.

  2. Carolynn and Bill, Texas is a big state no matter which way you drive across or around it. Ha! Maybe Frank and I will cross paths with you guys sometime this year. We could have dinner and share travel stories.

  3. I’m a Texan too and have ridden all around the state and have meant to ride the perimeter… but life gets in the way and I haven’t got’er done… yet…. I will be looking for your post about it.

    Ride safe…

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