Conclusion – Trains, Planes & Motorcycles June 2013

Trains, Planes & Motorcycles June 2013 trip is officially over.  The motorcycles were delivered last week to The Woodlands Harley Davidson dealership intact.  I popped in to check on them and all looks good.   For the record the approximate mileage for this trip was 2600 miles, give or take a few hundred miles. (pretty weak, huh!)

Although the theme for this trip was my idea, I was not as enthralled with it as I thought I would be and I’m going to tell you why.

When traveling on a motorcycle it takes about three days to get your mojo going, settle into your mode of transportation, and get your bags packed just right and all.  After the third day you get into the zone.  I could ride forever and No, my butt doesn’t hurt.  This never seemed to happen on this trip because we were plagued with bad weather, torrential rain, tropical storm weather and often had to cut our days short for our own safety.  When you ride for a couple of hours and call it a day it’s like, hey, I just packed this stuff up and you’re already unpacking again.  You never break a sweat or get over-heated or tired or achy.  It’s weird.  You don’t feel like you’ve been anywhere.

Second, when someone asked how long you been on the road and you answer fourteen days followed up with, we’re from Texas and rode to Florida, took the train from Florida to Virginia and we’re flying home from Buffalo, NY, the response is usually … oh.  And that’s it.  But when you say fourteen days on the motorcycle from Texas and we’re heading back today the response is usually, WOW, THAT’S AWESOME and they want to know all about it.  How many miles is that?  How far do you ride each day?  Are you tired?  Sad but true, adding the train and the plane to the trip took a bit of the luster out.

So between the bad weather and miles traveled via train and plane, I feel like I cheated myself.   I won’t do that again.  Enough said …

Now it’s time to start planning my next adventure.

One thought on “Conclusion – Trains, Planes & Motorcycles June 2013

  1. good to hear from you via your blog. we continue to have rain. A very very unusual summer for the panhandle of FL.

    Bill and Carolynn

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