Day 14 – June 17

Day 14 – 120 miles

Yesterday didn’t quite turn out as planned … but today was a brand new day and outside, the weather was perfect so we decided to make a second attempt to see Niagara Falls.   How could we go so far and not see what we expected to be our Grand Finale?

Since we weren’t looking for a specific hotel address today, we just followed the road signs which took us straight to the falls, no muss, no fuss, no detours or dirt roads.   Parking was easy and we even found a shade tree.  What a difference a day makes!

Niagara Falls is America’s oldest state park founded in 1885.  There are a total of three falls – The American Falls between Prospect Point and Luna Island, the Bridal Veil Falls between Luna Island and Goat Island and the Canadian Falls which lies between Goat Island and Table Rock.   We viewed the American Falls.   See below.

June 2013 trip MMB 132 June 2013 trip MMB 131 June 2013 trip MMB 135

Niagara Falls is a great North American wonder.  It is the second largest falls in the world next to Victoria Falls in southern Africa.  Every second, 750,000 gallons of water flows over its cliff of dolostone, which is a sedimentary carbonate rock, and shale, which is a fine grained clastic sedimentary rock .  Water is not the only thing that has flowed over the cliffs.  On October 24, 1901, a 63 year old female schoolteacher named, Annie Edson Taylor flowed over the falls in an old wooden pickle barrel.  That’s right!  It was her birthday and she was seeking fame and fortune.  She didn’t make a lot of money for her dangerous stunt but she did get into the history books as the first person to go over the falls in a barrel … something I don’t recommend … for many reasons … one being it is now illegal.

For you Man of Steel fans, did you know that in 1980 Niagara Falls was used as the setting for a scene in Superman II?  Check it out …

After spending time enjoying the breathtaking scenery at the falls and feeling content that our mission had been accomplished, it was time to get down to business preparing for the final stages of our three part trip – shipping the bikes home and flying back to Houston.

The details for shipping the bikes home was pre-planned.  We chose to ship them dealership to dealership.  Drop off location was Buffalo Harley Davidson.

June 2013 MMB cell 146

Drop off location

I’ve never seen a dealership quite like this one.   They had the typical motorcycle clothing and accessory section and a museum area roped off where they displayed motorcycle memorabilia.

June 2013 MMB cell 142

1917 J Model

June 2013 MMB cell 144

1972 Harley Sprint 350 Super Sport

But what was most impressive to me was the size the rest of the building and its usage.  It was designed for winter storage, something I’ve never given much thought to, living down south, where you can ride your motorcycle year round.  From what I understand there are two dealerships in Buffalo and between the two locations, they can store up to 800 bikes.

June 2013 MMB cell 136

Storage area – storing bikes three tiers high

June 2013 MMB cell 135

Parked and ready for pick-up

We were two of a few in the warehouse today.

Keyboard Motorcycle Shipping was the carrier we chose for shipment.

The Keyboard Corporation is a company that originally shipped pianos.  They have quite an interesting story.  The president of Keyboard, Dennis Robey met an Indian motorcycle dealer who was looking for ways to safely ship his custom motorcycles.  Robey developed a platform especially for this purpose.   His method of shipping became well known in the biking community and one thing led to another.   Before you know it, via word of mouth and demand, Keyboard was able to expanded their services to the consumer.  We felt lucky to find them and confident they would do a great job for us.


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