Day 13 – June 16

Day 13 – Father’s Day – 140 miles

After a fantastic nights sleep at the Renaissance at Del Monte on the Erie Canal in Rochester, NY, we awoke to find that the weather on this fine day was not so fantastic.  In fact, it was raining and expected to rain most of the day.  Frank and I decided we couldn’t just sit around and wait it out so we packed our gear, put on our rain coats and bid farewell to the bellman at our swanky hotel.  The plan was to stay the night at a hotel in Niagara Falls.  With the address of the hotel plugged into the map quest on the cell phones, we took off, stopping about halfway at a toll road turnpike rest stop along with 20 or so other bikers.  We had coffee with a couple from Birmingham, AL who had been up to Canada and were on their way back home.  We swapped a few stories and then returned to the bikes for another delightful ride in more rain.  We arrived in Niagara Falls and stopped to check our map quest directions.  We were directed to Buffalo Street which dead ended into a muddy dirt road with a detour sign.  I kept thinking, where the heck are we?  This certainly can’t be right.  We weaved through neighborhoods, following detour signs and eventually popped out onto what appeared to be a more mainstream thoroughfare.  It seems our GPS sent us the long way around to our destination, something I  find it does often.   We found the hotel, and pulled into the pot-holed parking lot, turned off the engines, looked around and back at each other and said, maybe it wasn’t meant for us to see Niagara Falls today.  We turned around and left back the way we came.  In my rear-view mirror I saw what looked like a cloud or explosion and later learned that it was the spray of the falls so … all was not lost.  There’s always tomorrow …



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