Day 9 – June 12

Day 9 – 150 mile – 1908 miles from Houston – the farthest north we travel from home.

Laconia, NH was only 10 miles away and the weather looked like we were going to get a break so we decided to say goodbye to our new found friends and check out bike week.


Donny and Pam Phillips

Here’s a shout out to Donny and Pam.  Hey!  Hope to ride with you in Houston.

Laconia Bike Week is June 8-16.  This year the rally is celebrating its 90th anniversary.  We heard all the way here that it always rains bike week and … guess what … if this weeks weather is any indicator … its true.




Arriving into Laconia – Weirs Beach was a much different scene than arriving in Sturgis, SD bike week.  It didn’t seem as crowded and we didn’t experience bike grid lock.  I suppose that was because most people don’t travel to the rally and spend a week there like they do when they go to Sturgis.


June 2013 trip MMB 090

Wonder Woman making a fashion statement


We parked the bikes,  took a few photos, bought t-shirts, patches, had a bite to eat and hit the road.


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