Day 8 – June 11

Day 8 – 10 miles

Another great day at The Governor’s Inn, Rochester, NH.   The weather looked like it was going to take a time out so after breakfast we jumped on the bikes and headed to the Maine border for a photo op.


For lunch we headed back to the Garage for another fab lunch.  I had the Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Tomato Soup.  The radio station was tuned to Pandora – theme – British Invasion – Beatles, Rolling Stones … etc., music right down my alley.  The food, coupled with the great tunes made for a perfect cold, rainy June afternoon.

There was a whole new crew of great people working today –  Lucas, Dave and Julie.  Below: Julie and Dave.


We visited quite a bit with Julie and learned that her father-in-law, Bob Bujeaud from Campton, NH, authored the book Time Out: An American Journey which chronicles he and his wife Theda’s five month motorcycle trip through the lower 48 in 2005.  Frank and I can’t wait to get home and purchase the book from   Bob does more than ride around the country.  He also builds custom motorcycles.  If you get a chance, check out a photo of his home-built Covair wood cabinet trike, reminiscent of the 1950’s “woodie” which he has appropriately named “Miz Woodie” posted at Whitehorse Gear Open House 2013 website.  It is quite impressive.  Here’s a shout out to Lucas, Dave and Julie.  Hey!  It was great meeting you.  Julie, sorry we didn’t make it out to Bob’s for a visit.  Maybe our paths will cross again.  You guys are the best.  PS – Thanks a million for the complimentary round at dinner.  What a pleasant surprise!


Dinner back at Spaulding Steak & Ale where we met even more good people.  We sat next to Diane and Eben Huston from Rochester.  They recently returned from a trip to Costa Rica with their daughter Alicia and her boyfriend.  From Costa Rica they traveled to Panama where they lived on a boat for a week fishing.   She showed me photos of the fish they caught.  It looked like they were in Fisherman Paradise.  She told me if I want to check it out go to


Another great day wraps up.


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