Day 6 – June 9

Day 6 – 215 miles  We spent the night at the Hampton Inn.   Frank and I agreed that it is probably the nicest Hampton Inn we ever stayed in all our travels.  Kudo’s to the Ephrata Hampton Inn.

Today we mounted the GoPro on my helmet to film some of the beautiful countryside of PA.   I’m anxious to see how it turns out.

Our first scheduled stop was  Lititz, PA.  Just as we entered town I saw an Amish horse drawn carriage, something you don’t see in Houston, TX.  Wish I’d had my camera ready.  We turned the GoPro off about ten minutes prior to the sighting.  Dang it!  We stopped at the Dosie Dough for a cup of coffee with hopes of smelling chocolate but I guess the wind wasn’t blowing the right direction … but the coffee was good.

After relaxing with a cup of coffee we loaded up and headed out to the Delaware Water Gap, which is on the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania where the Delaware River cuts through a large ridge of the Appalachian Mountains.


Welcome to New Jersey.

Across the bridge to say I’ve been there and back to PA.  Next stopKingston, NY.  Had dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s … Here’s a shout out to Crystal who works there.  Hey!  Crystal, if I win the lottery I’ll send you some $$$ to help you get back to Florida.  Tomorrow we’ll head to Rochester, NH and hopefully beat the storm.  Seems like we’ve spent the whole trip dodging and darting the rain.


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