Meet the Neighbors

1990 – After our sleeping quarters were set up, it was time to find a place to eat and get a cocktail, not necessarily in that order. We were pointed in the direction of the bowling alley across the street … the only place where we could do both … and as a bonus, we could bowl. I decided not to tell our new found friends from the make shift camp ground that I was a pretty good bowler. I thought after their smart ass Pop Up Tent stunt it was my turn to impress and of course I did. After a few games of whoop ass I confessed that my mother taught bowling when I was a kid and that I’d been bowling my whole life. In fact, I was one of the top five bowlers my junior year in high school. Huh … take that!

During the course of the evening, we learned that two of our new friends were from Gwinnett County, Georgia. One was a motorcycle cop, the other an insurance agent. The third was what the Georgia boys thought might be some sort of dealer from Miami. They picked him up along the road … didn’t really know for sure his profession … they were just riding together. That kind of stuff happens all the time. It turns out they were all pretty nice guys and we were glad to meet them.

After bowling, eating and drinking we went back to the hotel … I mean … to the tent for the evening. It seems our luxurious accommodations were much smaller than Frank remembered. It’s possible that’s why they call it a pup tent and not a big dog tent. The only way he could get inside was to lie down on the ground and slither in … you know … like a snake. From inside, when Frank inhaled the tent walls sucked in and when he exhaled it puffed out. From outside it looked alive. It was pretty funny and we all had a pretty good laugh.

We managed to make it through the night and in the morning the only casualty was one air mattress … it was deflated. Seems it developed a hole during the night. The good news was that we had one less thing to pack.

Tip Number 9: It’s worth saying again – When selecting a tent, by all means, go with a Pop Up Tent, not the Pup Tent.


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