1990 – Now that my pup-tent was up it was time to furnish … I got our pool floats out and the little plastic pump I bought at Academy to blow them up.  The floats would be our mattresses – no hard ground for us.   The process wasn’t as easy as I expected.  In fact, it was awkward but eventually I had them full of air, but not until after the pump broke.  I was reduced to making the finishing touches manually.   Oh well, so much for the pump idea!  So I put the pump in the trash and the mattresses inside the tent.  Then I unrolled the sleeping bags and while arranging them on the floats I realized that the bright green, cheaper sleeping bag I purchased for myself at a very reasonable price was actually for children so … it was a little short.  I prayed for warm weather.   Next, I put the 6 pack Igloo cooler we were traveling with between our two mattresses as a night stand.  I hung the fluorescent light from the tent ceiling and I set up the battery operated oscillating fan.  All done!  It was a master piece.   Who needs a stinking hotel room, right!   My decorating skills would have impressed even Martha Stewart!

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