More Adventure

Our trip was continuing to unfold pretty much as planned … just a few minor mishaps here and there … and then we broke down just outside Yankton, SD.   What happened was we stopped briefly to admire the country side and when we got back on the bikes one of them wouldn’t start.  Luckily, we were able to push start it but that was just a temporary fix.  Needless to say, next stop … the closest Harley Davidson dealership.  So instead of heading west on I-90 towards Sturgis we headed east to J&L Harley Davidson in Sioux Falls.

The dealership was packed, and I mean, packed.  There were bikes and people everywhere.  It was a happening, to say the least.  It turned out that the bike needed a stator and they were sold out.  A new shipment was due to arrive the next day so we were going to have to spend the night.  There were no available hotel rooms in the area but the dealership was letting people camp out in the empty lot next door.  Yea!   I was so excited!  Finally, I get a chance to whip out the tent and camp.

We picked out a grassy spot and I got busy.  First, the pup-tent … I really didn’t know much about pup-tents other than it looked like the kind of tent a boy scout would use.  Frank was more familiar from his military days.  I opened up the packaging and with directions in hand, began to build.  While I was building a couple of guys pulled up next to us who were planning to stay the night, as well.   They proceeded to put their tent up.  Have you ever heard of a Pop Up Tent?  Well, let me tell you, it’s a pretty impressive invention.  With a mere flick of the wrist their tent was up and mine … well, mine took a bit longer.  And when it was all said and done, theirs was like the master bedroom and mine was like the closet.

Tip Number 8:  When selecting a tent, by all means, go with a Pop Up Tent.


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