Sturgis Bound 1990


1990 – Departure day was finally upon us!  I was pretty excited about getting this show on the road.  As I earlier stated, this was my first long ride.  Typically we rode tank-to-tank which equates to about 140 to 175 miles between stops, filling up three to four times a day.  I learned that it took me about three days to get acclimated to riding all day long.  On day three Frank asked me how I was holding up.  I said I was doing okay but my back was starting to get tired.  He said that maybe we should adjust my pack.  I wasn’t quite sure what he was talking about.  He went on to say that the idea of filling the pack up fat and carrying it behind us was to provide a back rest.  It made the seat more like a chair.  Oh!  Well, in that case, the pack sucks.  We fixed it at the next stop.

Tip Number 6:  If you are carrying a soft pack behind you, it is possible to fatten it up so you can use it as a back rest.  Alternatively, you could have a seat with a built in back rest or you could invest in a Lazy Rider Motorcycle Bag that is designed specifically for this purpose.

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