Sturgis 1990

In early 1990, Frank and I bought a second motorcycle and I inherited “Ol Red.”  To seal the deal, we decided to ride to Sturgis, SD for the 50Th Year Anniversary Rally. This would be my first real ride.   I started packing in January.  Our intention was to camp out in Sturgis and along the way if we came upon a good place to pitch a tent.   So off to Academy we went for gear.  I always fancied myself as a self-made girl scout and I planned on having every item known to man that I might need with me on this trip.  So my shopping cart filled up fast with the following items:  tent, sleeping bag, duffle bag, air mattress, air mattress pump, plastic raincoat, percolator, camping utensils, pots and pans, can opener, battery operated oscillating fan, florescent light, flashlight, fire starter, snake bite kit, sunscreen, bug spray, cooler, and first aid kit, to name a few.  I was going to be prepared.  Frank’s gear was a pocket knife and duct tape.

Tip Number 4:  Be prepared but don’t go crazy at Academy!  You don’t really need all that stuff.

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