First Solo Ride Continued …

1990 – So, other than my burned-to-a-crisp arms, I managed to accomplish my goal which was to keep the bike upright!  The love bugs were out in droves this day but that didn’t bother me too much.  At least I didn’t have a dreadful windshield, like some of the other riders, to get splattered with bug guts and all, and block my vision.  Instead, I used my face as a windshield which was okay, I guess, as long as I kept my mouth shut!  I mean, after all, I was riding, right, and saving my appetite for lunch!

As we approached our destination, I noticed that it was on the opposite side of the street from which we came.  I was following pretty far back behind the pack.  I watched up ahead as the first rider gracefully made her U-turn, heading back towards the restaurant.  That looked pretty simple.  I watched several other riders make the easy turn and then I was up.  I approached the U-turn location and made my move … Whoa … Whoa … Whoa … At the speed I was traveling, I was unable to make the sharp turn and the next thing I knew I traveled across the oncoming lanes and hit the sandy shoulder where I gracefully spun around a couple of times and came to a complete, abrupt stop … laying there, on the ground, me and the bike, looking like a complete idiot.  Luckily, my landing was cushioned by the sand and the only thing bruised or damaged was my ego.

Tip Number 3:  When preparing to make a sharp U-turn, Good Grief, slow down!


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