The Beginning

1990 – When I met my husband, I had only been on a motorcycle once in my life and it was for about 5 minutes.  He, on the other hand, had been riding for years.  I considered him an expert!  One day the unexpected happened.  It was the year we got married.  You guessed it … we had a motorcycle accident.  Luckily, it wasn’t a bad accident.  There were no other cars involved.  We hit a patch of sand on a turn into our neighborhood and down we went … me flying one way and he rolling the other with the bike.  I was a bit scratched up, nothing major, but he broke a leg.  This accident got me to thinking that if I’m going to continue riding motorcycles maybe I should be in complete control … of the bike and my destiny … so in December of that same year I became a licensed motorcyclist.  It was 1989.

Tip Number 1:  Be cautious of sand and gravel on the road.  Even the best of riders can go down.


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